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This document sets high-level intentions for brand development and differentiation.


Our public presence is primarily through digital media, so attention to presentation and consistency in these channels is important to us. To that end, this covers the types of media and brand marks we invest in. I hope it will reduce bike-shedding and agile revision spirals.

Explicit design policies are provided. These exist to reduce friction, revise when appropriate.


Our company is Oceanicsdotio LLC. The short operating form, in order of preference, is one of:

  • oceanics.io (non-proper noun, the web platform)
  • Oceanics.io (proper noun, the company)
  • Oceanicsdotio (sometimes “.” is inappropriate for context, the company)
  • oceanicsdotio (the platform)
  • oceanics-io (cases where “.” is not a valid character, the company)

Product marks:

  • Bathysphere (database and back-end)
  • Neritics (analytics environment)
  • Dagan (neural network / AI persona)

Short form copy and tagline examples:

  • Situational awareness for a changing ocean
  • Ocean analytics as a service
  • The trust layer of the blue economy
  • The other marine autonomy


Language should be as straight forward as possible, while retaining technical density.

Basically, know what you are talking about, and don’t dumb it down.

Less is more, and I personally hate adverbs. Sans serif almost always, except for print. Large fonts, moderate white space.

Don't use these, because, unless...

Word, Phrase, or ElementReason, if givenException
dynamicdynamical, literal
fightno call-to-arms
force multiplierno call-to-arms
blueblue economy
lighthousesaturated in Maine
pine treesaturated in Maine
with a purposeSofar
premiumNOTAFLOFliteral, $
Mainesaturatedstakeholder not brand
AIfunding requests

Visual media

No stock photography or “Corporate Memphis”.

Images should support written copy, and be licensed from photographers/artists when possible. Creative work sourced from independent designers is preferred. It is not acceptable to use predatory multi-artist bidding systems.

Video is a major web performance and accessibility risk.

Video should be used sparingly, for purposes to which it is best suited, especially conveying large amounts of information quickly in a educational or news context.