Introducing Oceanside

September 16, 2020

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Boat, Damaged Wind Turbine, Diver, Fish Pen, Herring Gull, Laboratory, Land, Lighthouse, Lobster Buoys, Mud Flat, Mussels, Ocean, Oil Spill, Oysters, Wharf, Wind Turbine,


Gotta have a boat to work on the water.

Becomes > Diver, Oil Spill

Damaged Wind Turbine

Things break down on the water. If you're going to do business out there you better be ready to respond quickly.

Becomes > Wind Turbine


Your boats can turn into a diver to investigate underwater secrets or do harvest activities. It's not polite to run over divers, that's why they fly such brightly colored flags.

Becomes > Boat

Fish Pen

Finfish are valuable, but be careful, bad things can happen if they escape. If the sea lice get to be too much, you should talk to the scientists at the laboratory about collaborating on a paper.

Becomes > Ocean

Herring Gull

Gulls indicate that there is a hidden feature on a tile. These can be converted to activity tiles by being near a laboratory, or being visited by a boat.

Becomes > Fish Pen, Oysters, Mussels


The laboratory reveals gulls. Sometime if you are really nice and bring the scientists seafood they will publish a paper revealing the nature of things.


Don't go there.


The Lighthouse has been around forever. It provides a bonus to nearby activities, and protects boats from being lost at sea.

Lobster Buoys

Boats can put out and recover lobster traps! Don't molest yuor neighbors traps, or you'll get in trouble. Karmicly and physically.

Becomes > Ocean

Mud Flat

Ooey gooey, sticky, smelly mud. Full of tasty treats. Doesn't Jimmy's uncle have a fan boat or something?

Becomes > Ocean


Mussels are good! If they are too close to oysters though, they will eventually take over.

Becomes > Ocean


Ocean tiles aren't empty. They are worth points, but only next to other ocean tiles.

Becomes > Lobster Buoys, Mud Flat

Oil Spill

Looks like somebody messed up big time.

Becomes > Ocean


Oysters are delicious! Leave them in the water and collect the reward, or harvest the whole bed and sell it.

Becomes > Ocean


Every good day starts at the dock! You'll have to fuel up here before you can go out and save the world. Gah, but look at all that trash in water, sure wish someone would take care of this place

Wind Turbine

Wind turbines make electricity

Becomes > Damaged Wind Turbine