JavaScript Dependencies

October 23, 2020


I spent a long time getting to a place I was happy with managing Python dependencies and scientific computing environments.

None of that tooling carries over to the JS world, and (for me) it is a bit harder to isolate dependencies for web applications. Part of the issue is that all the JS code lives in a single repository, and is deployed as a single application.

This makes CI/CD very simple, at the expense of a bit of overhead in building.

The site has reached a moderately stable toolset, so I though it was time to sit down and remind myself what exactly all the dependencies in package.json do.

The site is bundled using GatsbyJS, so most of the dependencies will be related to React and the bundling/polyfilling process.


Some of the dependencies are only required for development, and not for production.

  • eslint - Linting during build
  • eslint-plugin-react-hooks - Enforce React rule of hooks
  • prettier - Opinionated code formatter


Most of the code is used in generating text and image content.

  • @babel/core - JS compiler for backwards compatibility
  • @babel/plugin-syntax-import-meta - Parse module metadata
  • @mdx-js/mdx - Write JSX in markdown
  • @mdx-js/react - Write JSX in markdown
  • @wasm-tool/wasm-pack-plugin - Define Rust build in Webpack config
  • babel-plugin-styled-components - Babel support for Styled Components
  • babel-plugin-syntax-dynamic-import - Async import of Rust/WASM runtime
  • babel-preset-gatsby - Babel support for GatsbyJS
  • gatsby - Static site generator
  • gatsby-cli - CLI for GatsbyJS
  • gatsby-image - Lazy loading of image elements
  • gatsby-link - Component with pre-fetching
  • gatsby-plugin-create-client-paths - Create non-static routes
  • gatsby-plugin-manifest - Web manifest for progressive web apps
  • gatsby-plugin-mdx - Write JSX in markdown
  • gatsby-plugin-offline - Service worker tooling
  • gatsby-plugin-react-helmet - Manage document head data
  • gatsby-plugin-sharp - Image library wrapper
  • gatsby-plugin-styled-components - Support for Styled Components
  • gatsby-react-router-scroll - Scrolling support
  • gatsby-remark-copy-linked-files - Copy files to public directory as necessary
  • gatsby-remark-images - Process markdown images
  • gatsby-remark-katex - Support for \LaTeX
  • gatsby-remark-prismjs - Code block formatting in markdown
  • gatsby-remark-responsive-iframe - Container for iFrames in Markdown
  • gatsby-remark-smartypants - Support for em dash and ellipsis from ASCII
  • gatsby-source-filesystem - Data from local files
  • gatsby-transformer-remark - Parse markdown
  • gatsby-transformer-sharp - GraphQL support for image processing
  • katex - \LaTeX rendering
  • mapbox-gl - Client side WebGL based map application
  • pdfjs-dist - Client side PDF manipulation
  • pg - Serverside Postgres access
  • pluralize - Consistent pluralization is harder than you think
  • prismjs - Code block styling in Markdown
  • prop-types - Strong typing for React components
  • react - The React framework
  • react-dom - Renderer for React
  • react-helmet - Document head manager
  • react-is - Check if element is valid React component
  • react-router-dom - React router DOM bindings
  • react-typography - Wrapper for typography in React
  • remark-parse - Parse markdown
  • styled-components - Components with style, no more heavy-handed CSS
  • typography - Typesetting
  • yaml - Parse YAML files

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