Marine operators software rubric

October 02, 2020

“Every business is a software business”. Whether you use internal or external software products to manage and evolve your operations, your tool choices dictate how fast you can respond to changes in the natural, business, and regulatory environment.

This guide is intended to help you assess software used to manage data and assets on and in the water. Marine research and industry have suffered through decades of low-quality software that is hard to use, and locks people into specific ecosystems. Moving forward, we hope marine operators will demand more from companies selling software products, and will coordinate with each other to develop and cultivate platforms for information sharing. This is an old idea, with a name, platform collectives.

To evaluate a product, you will need access to the full software suite, or a representative demo. You should never make a decision without trialing it first, as many design flaws are difficult to spot from feature lists and screenshots.

It is fine if you don’t understand some of the criteria! Just skip it, the rubric is not a quantitative tool, which is why these are framed as true/false statements. Existing products may only check a few boxes.

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