New front-end features

November 26, 2019

After a brief development break, we’re excited to announce that the mapping capabilities (Mapbox GL JS) of the front-end have been improved and and integrated with our documentation.

We’re focused on moving features from the back-end into the browser, and providing an interactive and offline-friendly experience by exploring some exciting new technologies.

First, we’re translating components to Rust and compiling down to WebAssembly to be able to crunch data and process images in the browser. We’re also using service workers to cache static assets at your end. It takes a while to fetch GeoJSON features, so we only make you do it once.

Your experience should get faster with every use, and applications that don’t require live database connections can support 100% offline mode in the browser (we’re looking at you rural Maine). As a bonus, data generated in the client is private and secure, and never leaves your machine without permission.

We love you! Regardless of identity, ability, or belief. We invite questions, listen more than we speak, and embody a “yes/and” over a “no/but” mentality.

When you arrive we track your user agent, actions, and location. These data are never transmitted, and we manage risk on our end with backups, monitoring, and encryption.