To protect and prosper from our Ocean, you need to draw conclusions from community knowledge, manage risk, and make better data-driven decisions for the future. empowers you with infrastructure built for the greater good. We combine public with proprietary data and serve you synthetic and aggregate products to manage risk and conflict, and demystify marine processes.

Accessible, intuitive, and secure. Whether watching your turf or scouting for opportunity, our platform boosts last-mile connectivity and amplifies your capabilities – wherever you are.

Accountable prosperity in autonomous seas ⚡ 2018-2021

We value you, regardless of technical training, domain knowledge, or identity. We invite questions, listen more than we speak, and embody a “yes/and” over a “no/but” mentality.

When you arrive we track your user agent, actions, and location. These data are not transmitted. On our end, we manage risk with backups, monitoring, and encryption.